Traditional Kerala Necklaces Indian brides can look out!

Jun 19 2019     By Meera Kamal

Traditional Kerala Necklaces that all Indian brides can look out!

Weddings in Kerala are known for it's simplicity and elegance in every detail with an absence of over luxury and opulence. Kerala is known for its uniqueness whether it is the saree or the jewellery, when it comes to the Malayali bride, the Malayali Manga. We are exploring God's own country's own necklace designs that rule the wedding jewellery industry.

1. Mullamottu Maala

The array of gold jasmine bud motifs neckpiece is traditional jewellery of Kerala that every bride wants to own. It is neither too short like a necklace nor too long like a chain and thus makes a perfect addition to the wedding collection.

2. Naagapada Thali

It is a little longer than a necklace and has the design of cobra, the king of snakes. The neckpiece comes in various colours like emeralds and rubies, also sapphires. It is an exclusive piece that goes well with the traditional wedding saree of Kerala which is white and golden.

3. Paalakka Maala

It is a gorgeous neckpiece with green rubies and gold with leaf design. It has a Kerala touch to it with the all green look that signifies fertility and prosperity.

4. Maanga Maala

With the design of mango, the Kerala's pride fruit, the neckpiece can be the shortest or the longest in the wedding jewellery of a bride. It will be beautified with precious gemstones like emeralds and rubies.

5. Elakka Thali

The traditional Kerala choker necklace is an all-time favourite of the brides. Entwined to a thick chain, it is made of pure gold plates. This will be always the first in the bride’s neck on her special day.

6. Poothali Maala

This necklace has small dangling motifs with a beautiful pattern that adorns the neck of the bride. It can be used as functional wear even as statement jewellery.

7. Lakshmi Maala or Kaasu Maala

It is a traditional necklace that represents coins or wealth. It is a centerpiece and also a symbolization of the bride as Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.

8. Pathakka

It is a locket or large pendant, round in shape and embedded with a lot of stones. It is a real stunner neckpiece for every bride in a traditional Kerala wedding.

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