Host An Awesome Bridal Shower

Feb 15 2019     By Elna Philamin

 'Plan Your Perfect Bridal Shower' 

 An Expert guide for your Bridal Shower!




Celebrate yourself once before tying the knot!!!

Dedicate a day for your loved ones because excited and full of fun moments are waiting for you to explore your happiness.

"Wedding Street", is presenting you some trendy ideas about Bridal Shower!


Are you going to be a bride soon?

Isn't it nice to have a bridal shower? Let you give some space to your friends and cousins to plan your party with unlimited fun and colour.

Decide your convenient time and destination for the further arrangements, preferably night parties and outdoor functions.


The theme of the party

Bridal Shower accompanied by a set of etiquette and the same getting adventurous and based on a central theme. For some, these parties may end with nightclub outing, sometimes it may mean a full-fledged party and may even a vacation with close friends.

Now couples have various aspirations about their youngster's party and they are even comfortable to spend some extra bucks to make it a success. 

The theme will be reflected upon decoration, gift, catering, dress code and games played and this will be spotted from the personal interest of the bride.

For instance, favourite film, food, the design of cloth, destination and so on.



Destination Vibes!

"Those crazy moments with your cool besties…"

The bride will decide the venue of her wedding shower, most frequently outdoor, restaurants, nightclubs and other public convention centres figure it out.

#perfect destinations (Explore the native stations)


   Lake palace resort of Alleppy (Vembanad Lake)

2. Beach-

  Experience the beach effect bridal shower with your craziest friends. Such as Kovalam, Alleppy, Varkala,  Shangumukham…

3. Hill stations-

    Gorgeous backdrop for the bridal shower photo shoot is waiting for you in Munnar, Wayanad, Ponmudi, Thusharagiri….


Types of bridal shower


1. Learning Shower:  It is quite fashionable to teach some sort of lesson to the bride. Maids of honour may book cookery lessons or flower arrangement classes for it.

2. Jack & Jill Shower: Couples shower may include both male and female guests. Cocktail & barbeque arrangements are more likely to happen.

3. Food-based Shower: Party may be focused upon a particular meal. It depends on the interest of the bride & there will be a professional chef to cook it with a demonstration.


Gift for bride

Guest will bring the gift according to the theme of your bridal shower. For instance, if it is a food-based shower, guest may bring chopsticks, recipe book and so on.

Note: You should mention the theme prior to your party. Bridal shower invitations are necessary.


Game for her

The task of the game should be related to the future role of the bride to be as a family cook, homemaker, mother…..

It will be purely spontaneous and informal to fill with fun!



Enjoy the day

Celebrate your day with full of colour and fun.

It is something special for a bride to be remembered about her bridal shower with her besties.

Use the chance, because life itself is a single opportunity. Each moment is valuable and there is no more time for a betterment.

Are you ready to host a Bridal Shower? If 'YES', "Wedding Street" welcomes you to create awesome moments for you!


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