Great hair doesn’t happen by chance it happens by appointment and we are here to help you! Hair Plants hair clinic is all set to offer the beauty you were looking for. Despite of gender everyone suffers from hair fall and hair loss due to multiple reasons.

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Numerous factors affecting hair loss includes scalp bacteria, stress, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalance, genetic baldness and the list goes on. We at Hair Plants hair clinic provide the perfect treatments for your hair. Hair Plants hair clinic are the pioneers in hair restoration and the first in Kerala to introduce advanced Follicle Hair Transplant (FHT) with a impeccable record of 1500+ happy clients. We deliver the best in industry.

We step apart from the painful and tiring conventional methods to the most professional method ie FHT where we evaluate your donor and extract per follicle which is implanted directly over the area of baldness with appreciable density to give you a natural looks. Our procedures are short, minimal invasive, painless with negligible post procedural rest!

Our procedures are done by certified and industry experienced doctors. When it comes to implantation we use specifically designed titanium tipped implanters which creates exact depth and angulations. Our team of experts designs a customized natural hairline that compliments your facial features .

We also deliver other treatments like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Hairloss treatment which is a non surgical alternative for hairloss and thinning done either in conjunction during hair restoration procedure or as stand alone treatment which takes few minutes. It helps the hair follicles to boost up, decrease in hair shedding and reversal of miniaturization.
Our expert team of hair transplant specialists can offer you options like beard and moustache creation also,revise or repair your previous transplants done from another clinic. In case of poor donors beard and body hair extraction is also possible.

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