You must never heard these facts about Love Bites!

Aug 6 2018     By Meera Kamal

Have you ever covered that red mark on your neck with a scarf while at a board meeting? Have your friends giggled at your love bite which made you blush like a wine? Here is everything you need to know about love bite like it's origin, effects and how to remove it faster from your body.

                The sex bible, Kamasutra mentioned love bite as coral and the jewel where lip is the coral and teeth is the jewel. Love bite is common in all animals where male mammals create marks on their female partner by nibbling. The common area is around the neck, while mating. Love bite can be a sweet memory of a passionate moment, but also a deadly scar from a scary night. There are chances of the scar never fading out and also instances in which the partner went paralysed. This makes it necessary to go slow and soft on nibbling. You have to think twice about your relationship status, if you constantly dream of getting hickeys. It may not be showing that you are anticipating your next love making session, but an abusive relationship in which you are stuck in.

                Hickeys are just bruises caused due to breaking of capillaries, just like you hit something sharp or hard. Sex injuries become complicated when love bites turn harsh. It can lead to permanent scars when it is too deep in the skin. It can also spread oral herpes, if your partner suffers from the same and gives you that mark on your body. So, when you both suffer from some infections, try not to create any cuts on each other as it may result in spreading the infection. The prominence of your love bites may depend on your health too. If you have iron deficiency, the bruises may be a bit evident and clear and takes a little extra time to leave. Hickeys does not have an instant cure. But there are some tips to help cure hickeys, more rapidly. Let's find them out.

                1. The first and quickest remedy is an icepack or an ice spoon. Ice spoon can be made by freezing a spoon and press the spoon on the area. You can put some pressure while pressing which can help in better recovery.  You can even apply ice covered on a cloth for around 10minutes for the redness to subside.  This will also reduce the swelling.

                2. You can apply an antiseptic cream or a cooling / soothing lotion on the same to help it reduce the severity.

                3.  You can use a toothbrush to gently massage on the area which will help in blood circulation and also reduce the pain.

                4. Applying toothpaste is also found helpful. Cover the area with toothpaste and leave it overnight.

                5. Use a scarf or a cloth to hide the same till you find it okay to show off

                6. If you are good at make up, you may have hundreds of hacks to hide the hickeys and make you look gorgeous.

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