Wedding Shadow Box: Keep it as your Wedding Memory

Dec 1 2018     By Elna Philamin

Wedding Shadow Box

“Keep It As Your Wedding memory”


 It should be the happiest day in your life, something that can treasure to the rest of the life!

The D-Day start off as a new episode of their life…

Have you heard about a ‘Shadow Box’? It is an interesting concept that you’ll feel love about it.

‘Shadow Box’ means it’s a box that you can display special mementoes from your Wedding day.

Creating a shadow box is one of the most romantic gifts that you can keep it forever.

How to create it?

Choose the things that you want to keep it as a treasure. There are many things that you may feel special from your Wedding day still, select the right things to your everlasting shadow box.

Once you selected the shadow box it’s the time to arrange the things inside!

For example, Couples used to keep selected photographs of their Wedding day, some dried leaves & flowers from the bridal bouquet, wedding invitations, perhaps the Wineglass that they shared.

Decorate it!

Make the box attractive like your love because it should be sweet and memorable to the rest of your life.

Use pictures, designs, glitter papers, paper flowers, pearls…. to look attractive.

Hang it!

Once you finish the assembling and decoration, here is the time to hang it up.

Some shadow box found hard to hang it on the wall, in such cases you can create a one rack shelf & frame it.


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