Wedding Confetti Ideas!

Dec 26 2018     By Elna Philamin

Wedding Confetti Ideas!
"Wow Factor For Your Wedding Album"



Make your Wedding colourful & memorable!
Candid images of your lovely moments can be fantastic with innovative Wedding Confetti ideas. 
Traditionally we are using petals and rice as the Wedding Confetti as it is the indication of prosperity and fertility. At the same time, this factor is the best key to bring amazing and beautiful Wedding photographs. There are plentiful Confetti patterns are available in the vogue. 
Now it's time to choose trendy & classy Confetti toss for a beautiful memory. 
Get ready for your Confetti Shots!
Check out the Wedding Confetti inspirations…


1.  Balloon Confetti

 Amazing Wedding photogenic moments will pop up when the party filled with colourful balloons. Here you can choose the colour of the balloon according to your Wedding colour theme. Helium balloons will do the job perfectly! Group of guest with balloons will bring the complete romance to your Wedding photography. Bring creative ideas like customize your balloons with the photos/names of the couple and let them fly to the sky. 


2. Airplane Confetti

Explore the creative concepts within your budget-friendly zone! Use colourful paper flights to maximize the beauty of your Wedding party. Choose pastel shades of flights like pink, blue, peach and so on. Let your friends and relatives send it to you as it is gorgeous to look romantic on your Wedding album. 


3. Bubbling Confetti

Use bubbles for your Wedding! It will bring a magical view to your Wedding day. Let your friends blow bubbles when you come out from your Wedding venue. It will be amazing for your Wedding highlights. 


4. Herbal Confetti

It is one of the popular factors in the Wedding Confetti. Here, the guests can shower fresh fragrant herbs like 'rosemary' and 'lavender' upon you. It is nature-friendly and chic in the Wedding Confetti patterns. Ask your friends to shower it on you when you pass through the aisle of Wedding venue. 


5. Ribbon Wands Confetti

This choice will give you a fairy view when you walk through the aisle of your Wedding venue. Choose your Wedding theme colour for the ribbon wands or mixed colours for the ribbons. 


6. Pom Poms Confetti

Soft and spongy pom poms will definitely give you the pretty charm on your Wedding photography. Use different shades of pom poms or you can also choose your selected Wedding colour theme. They look simply funny and classy for your romantic Wedding. 

Wow images on the Wedding albums are not just happening… but because of the creative & innovative ideas that made the job!


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