Unni Mukundan on his marriage plans

Mar 16 2016     By Wedding Street

Unni Mukundan, one of the most eligible bachelors of Mollywood, has his own concepts about marriage. The rising star makes it clear that marriage will be an important turning point in his life. But we have to wait for that d-day. He has a number of films in kitty now. He is talented and is always seeking love and recognition more than money. With his winsome smile, the dimple-cheeked actor has cast a spell among the young audience. The handsome hunk talked to us nineteen to the dozen about his future life partner and more.




Excerpts from the interview

Wedding Street: What is your concept of marriage?

Unni : It is an everlasting friendship.


Wedding Street: Do you think that arranged marriages are more successful than love marriages?

Unni: Marriages, regardless of arranged or love, will turn successful only if there is love, trust, and companionship in it. 


Wedding Street: Will you accept dowry? What is your opinion about dowry system in Kerala?

Unni: I'll marry only when I believe that I can take care of around 8 people in my life --  my parents, my siblings, my wife, and children-- without depending on others. And when I can do that, I need not have any help in terms of dowry. However, dowry altogether takes a different meaning if the bride's family gives it to her with love and care and not under any pressure. I’m against making relations a business. There are many things money can buy but not everything.


Wedding Street: What would you like to have as a theme for your wedding?

Unni: (Chuckles) Tricky question... I really haven’t thought about getting married. If at all, it is supposed to happen. I want marriage to be solemnized at Guruvayoor or Paarmekaavu temple. That's it (again laughs).


Wedding Street: Your expectations about your life partner...

Unni: A girl who ends will be my shadow. She should understand me like I'm her soul. She should be a very dear friend. Let me tell you, I am a crazy creature. I'm more like a genie. I will do anything to please the person who comes into my life (smiles).


Wedding Street: Will your bride be from the film industry? 

Unni: I don’t think. If both are from the same industry it would leave us nothing to talk about and, on a selfish note, maybe I won't be able to see her act with anyone else other than me !(smiles).

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