Tips for Choosing your Wedding Photographer!

Jul 3 2019     By Meera Kamal

7 Things to remember when you select your wedding photographer?

Now that you are officially engaged, it is time to select the perfect people to delegate every work. It goes without saying that the wedding photographer is on the top priority. It is always good to book the person well in advance to avoid pre-booked commitments. This will ensure that you get to hire your favourite photographer for your Big day!

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Be Professional

Your cousin may have a good camera and be good at taking photos or you may have a family friend who is great with candid. But, never risk your wedding photography. You have to let go personal relationships and hire the best one for your special day. This will help you to have a healthy and professional relationship with your photographer. This will also ensure that you can be open about budget discussions.

Reviews and Testimonials

You can look up for online reviews or mouth to mouth testimonials about the selected photographers. They may have an online portfolio to justify their talent. You can also talk to their previous clients, if possible. Also confirm their knowledge about the wedding rituals of your community. If you need the team on wedding eve for some personal functions, let them know beforehand.

Style and Experience

You have to crosscheck whether your wedding photographer's photography style matches your expectations. Even if the person is in the wedding industry for a few years, you should check his credibility. Also, if your selected photographer is new to the industry, you should be ready to face the benefits and consequences of your decision.


It is true that you need the best. But, always remember that the wedding market is luxury oriented and always look for splendid expenditure. You have to fix your budget before you approach the photographer. This will help you negotiate with the person and book a good deal. Booking in advance also saves the current rate burden.

Pre-wed/Post-wed Shoots

Ask whether they have pre-wed and post-wed shoot in their package or not. This will help you decide whether you need it or not. If you have some venue or theme, you can discuss it earlier and confirm with the extra payments required for the same.  If it is planned abroad, you can check their availability, consent and ensure to take all the expenses for the same.

Privacy Issues

You may have taken some intimate photos for personal purpose and they may upload it online for their work publicity. You have to let them know what is your stand on uploading or sharing your wedding/ post- wedding photos and videos. This should not become a problem in the future.

Delivery System

Whether they will courier it or you have to collect it should be fixed earlier . Also, whether he will provide you with hardcopy is to be discussed. Delaying the album should be warned to delaying of payment and you should keep some amount of payment pending ,till you receive the final output.


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