Things to have on your Honeymoon

Feb 15 2018     By Wedding Street

Finally after months of planning, organising and executing, an amazing wedding function just got over and you feel top of the world. Suddenly, you remember that your wedding planning is still halfway because three days later, you are flying abroad for your honeymoon. That incredible trip that you dreamt all your life with your love. The honeymoon has transformed from 3-4 days short trip to one or two weeks extravagant luxury. You must have pre-booked your stay at five-star hotels and all your flights must have been confirmed. But, are you ready to go?

Your girl may have moved from her home to yours or you both may have shifted to a new place. Your room will be filled with unpacked cartons. You may have no idea where to start and what to pack.  You must have already made a checklist which includes passport,  Aadhar card, driving license and marriage certificate. But, you may need some additional stuff to make your trip a memorable one. Here we have a list of things you must not forget to pack for your honeymoon.

1. Medicines

You both may/may not be knowing each other for years now. But, do you know she is allergic to mushrooms? He might be allergic to those romantic scented candles in your honeymoon suite. Keep every medicine handy in your luggage and make sure you both are aware of each other's daily medications.  Also, if you are travelling abroad, find out whether there is any restriction to carry medicines to that country. Try and get prescription from a medical practitioner for every medicine you carry to avoid legal issues.

2. Money

Keep some extra money, even though all your stay, meals and travel is pre-booked.  What if you find an amazing ring for your love, which you always wanted to gift her? What if you want to extend your holiday? Always have some excess liquid money. If you are travelling abroad, make sure you have sufficient money in that local currency. Local shopping streets may not accept foreign currency and you can bargain and negotiate if you are having local currency.

3. Dress

This section completely depends on the place you are planning to visit. But carry two or three extra dresses when you are travelling. A wine spill or bad weather should not ruin your plans. Have a pair or two of swimming suit. Even if you are not in beaches, you can use it in your hotel swimming pools. An extra pair of shoes will also be useful if your newly purchased shoe gives you sore feet or shoe bite. As it is your honeymoon, sexy lingerie's are a must. A black/ red night suit will never go wrong. Also buy a black/red dress which you can mix and match, if you have more than one dinner dates.

4. Cosmetics

When it comes to travel, less luggage, more comfort. So, take a minimum makeup and skin care products as possible. Before packing, do a small research online on the weather conditions of the place you are visiting.  A razor will be a saviour if your trip is too long and you want to wear that sleeveless gown on the last day. Carry two shades of lipstick, one for day and another for the night. A moisturiser, sunscreen and cleanser is a must. An eyeliner/ kajal and a lip balm will make you photo-ready at any moment. Trendy shades for both, not only protect your eyes from the sun but saves you from puffy eyes/ non-makeup look and make you both look stylish all through the day.

5. Gadgets

Mobile phone, camera, selfie stick etc will not be forgotten while you pack. But, make sure you take your chargers, extra batteries and power bank. If you are travelling abroad, you can take a new mobile connection from the airport itself. Also, trimmers may be useful for both the partners in an emergency. If you are not sure about the network facilities, you can take a dongle with you. iPad and laptop can be packed if that is essential for you or your partner.

Last but not the least, even if you miss anything, do not panic. You can find an alternative. Enjoy your days with your love. Note down emergency numbers like that of your driver/travel agency, police, ambulance and taxi service.

Happy Honeymooning!

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