The Bride Tribe

Oct 30 2018     By Elna Philamin

"The Bride Tribe"

If the dress sets the tone for the whole wedding, the bridesmaids set the dress!

The wedding drama owes a lot to these ladies. They are the most valuable participants.

As a bride, it is important to be selective when it comes to recruiting your bridesmaids. Shape and height of the maids should be equivalent to a certain extent if that’s preferred.The combination of flowers and dresses of the maids are vital for a theme wedding. Always better to take swatches when you consult the florist.

Short gown patterns are in vogue. If you are scanning for the same, remember that the shoes will play a great role in the overall appearance and they all have to match with it.


1. Traditional Style

    If you are interested to present a classic look, try cream mix golden, green, kasavu outfits. Better to choose crop top and long skirt, half saree, floaty sleeve patterns to add colour on your bridesmaid attire. Choose varieties of antique ornaments and accessories to brighten your outlook.

 Note: Bride should be wearing ethnic.

2. Illusion neckline trends

    Lace patterns can elevate your appearance to a royal level. Try pastel shades to enhance your bride squad looks.Sweetheart, horizontal shape and other designs can use for the neckline.The style will definitely rock the floor when it goes with lengthy gowns, mini frocks, saree blouse, blouson soutache models and so on.

3. Blouson soutache sheath

    Make it short or long frock with simple designs of lace cover, it will give you a western look and you may feel comfortable at the same time. Try any shades as your choice. Be simple and elegant without any heavy accessories because, such ornaments donot go nice with this pattern of dress.

4. Floaty sleeves

    Design your gowns with floaty sleeves. Pastel shades can give a special impression on your external gorgeousness. Try some simple designs of stonework, threadwork or print work to make it attractive. Use the colour pattern similar or mismatched according to your likes. It is now a trend to choose mismatching colour code in the team bridesmaid.

5. Plain gown

    Are you looking for premium bridesmaid patterns?

Checkout elegant costumes that can give you a sort of standard as well as graceful look. Your body shape doesn't come as a matter. Sleeveless patterns with small pleat can make a perfect bridesmaid outlook. Try light shades like: mint green, pastel green, pale blue and so on.

Try these styles and add your twists to make it look unique.


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