Pazhayidom Namboothiri the king of Kerala cuisine

Jun 25 2016     By Wedding Street

The most ever gratifying and sublime activity in the world is feeding the hungry. There is a man living in Kerala, the southernmost state of India, who has served food to millions over a span of 25 years and among them 5.5 million were schoolchildren.


This legendary person is none other than renowned chef Pazhayidom Mohanan Namboothiri, the luminary among the chefs and caterers in India. In an exclusive conversation with the, Namboothiri opened his mind and shared his experiences, hopes and thoughts.




Namboothiri is the soul and spirit of the firm - Pazhayidom Caterers - which is the first pick for governments, celebrities, temples and businessmen for massive events. It is not just because the firm’s capability to serve food for thousands of people at a time, but also for the irreplaceable quality of the authentic Kerala taste, that Pazhayidom becomes the most favourite catering unit in India.


Earlier, a chef or cook was not a profession people picked out of choice. But all have changed now, thanks to this visionary man.


The success story of Pazhayidom Namboothiri kick-started at the moment he started to think distinctively and attempted to bring in innovation in the profession of cooking food and serving it. Today Pazhayidom is not just a cooking unit, but a brand which has a high standard corporate value just like any exalted IT firm or manufacturing unit.


Namboothiri told that his first attention was to bring cleanliness, order and harmony in the process of cooking and serving. Unlike the traditional topless stewards we have often seen in marriages and events, Pazhayidom staff is all well dressed, well mannered, skilled and professional.


About 700 employees work under different sections in Pazhayidom kitchen. The facilities to cook food are clean, hygienic and well equipped. Gradually, catering became a high-class profession and a profitable business in Kerala.


Kerala School Youth Festival is the biggest competitive event for children in the world. From 2005 onwards Namboothiri served vegetarian food for the participants, parents and organisers of this huge event.


As per general estimation so far he has served food for about 5.5 million schoolchildren in the festival. Another milestone in his career was serving food to 9 lakhs devotees arrived for a festival at Malayalapuzha Temple in Kerala. About 15,000 people were fed per day for 60 days continuously. His team undertakes catering in more than 7 countries, including India, Australia, New Zealand, Oman, the UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait. 


He was also the first choice of industrialist Ravi Pillai when he decided to conduct the multi-crore wedding of his daughter Dr Arathi to Kochi-based doctor Dr Adithya. The wedding, which was solemnised on November 26, 2015, was attended by the who’s who of the business, politics and entertainment industry. The menu of the wedding feast included 51 dishes and 10 varieties of payasam.

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