Nimisha & Aghil's crazy Wedding Story

Mar 12 2020     By Wedding Street

It’s so great to find one person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. I first met mine back in 2007 during a science exhibition held in school. I’m Nimisha an architect and my husband Aghil a mechatronics engineer; both Keralites, born and raised in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.; and this is our wedding tale.

Even though we met back in 2007, we were just friends who kept in touch rarely and eventually lost contact. 6 years later we reconnected and really got to know each other well; something seemed to spark between us. Our love to travel is what got us here. One day back in 2014, Aghil was preparing to take a trip to Kodaikanal, I took an impulse decision to join him on that trip. That was our first trip; it changed our lives. Over the past 5 years of our dating life, we traveled to Shimla, Manali, Goa, Chennai, Varkala, Georgia, Thailand, etc… Seeing all this, our parents finally decided to get their crazy kids to tie the knot.

We were equally excited and horrified. But the smiles and excitement on everyone's faces calmed us.

After a quick discussion, we decided to set 15.01.2020 as the auspicious date. As soon as the dates were fixed, the hunt for the venue, photographers and the perfect guy for make-over began. Since I’m from Kannur and the wedding has to take place in the brides’ place we set out to find the best halls available in the locality. After filtering through all the available options, the C.R. auditorium checked out all the criteria as our wedding venue.

The second element - photographers, the toughest of all. After months of research, we finally booked wedding bells photography to capture moments of our special day. The photographer teams were very friendly and made sure everyone around was very comfortable and enjoyed every moment through this stressful period.

The third element was the easiest – the perfect guy for the make-over. Vijil makeup artist, he did the makeover for my sister’s wedding, after seeing his work I decided then and there itself I’d pick him for my wedding day too. When my turn was up I didn’t even think twice or look for another option. His work had the perfect blend of perfection and simplicity.

Once the venue, photographers and make-over were booked we went to the next step – designing the invitation. Both Aghil and I liked doing everything different and unique, we wanted to design our invitation by ourselves and be original. We came up with 2 types of invitations, one for our close friends and the other for our family and relatives. For our close friends, we thought of a fun and party-themed invitation; a Bombay sapphire invitation!!! We designed and printed a custom label with all the wedding info and stuck it on a Bombay sapphire bottle and handed it out as our invitation. Their reaction to this was amazing, it made our day, we were so proud we could actually pull this off. The second type of invitation since the quantity was more, we decided to keep it simple and colorful but still unique. It took us a while but we did come up with a beautiful concept, a fourfold card with each fold displaying details of the functions and ending with a picture of our families.

After the invitations, the next task was finding a pre-wedding dress, a wedding dress, a dress for the reception and jewelry for all. This was the toughest task of all especially for me. Me being a tomboy, dressing up as a bride was quite overwhelming.   As usual, I didn’t want to be the typical traditional bride…I wanted a twist somewhere. We started the process with the hunt for the wedding sari and it led us to the home of silk weaving and handloom industries – Kanchipuram. After a few days of the hunt we finally found the one. It was bright pink with heavy golden thread work. Along with the sari we also found a cream-colored silk shirt and a cream-colored silk mundu with a broad golden kasavu for Aghil. After getting the sari the next step would be designing the blouse and finding the perfect set of jewelry. Since the sari was a traditional silk sari, the twist had to be on the blouse design and the jewelry. After countless days of online research, I finally found a design that I fell in love with. The design depicted the history of how royal brides where transported in the olden days on a palanquin on their wedding day. Soon I found Abhilash Asha via Insta, a Kollam based designer and part of a boutique named Design Concepts in Kollam, who could recreate this intricate handwork on my wedding blouse. It took almost 2 weeks to complete the work, and the end result was absolutely amazing.

Now the only thing left to complete the wedding attire was jewelry. I didn’t like the typical gold jewelry. I wanted to keep the jewelry to a minimum but also give out a royal vibe. I came across this gorgeous replica of Sabyasachi Heritage Jewelry set at Tia jewelers, Dubai. Even though I was never a fan of any sort of accessories throughout my life, I instantly fell in love with this set. With this set in hand, my wedding attire was complete with a perfect blend of traditions and character.

Before we realized, the day was getting closer. 14.01.2020, since I chose south Indian look for the wedding day, I decided to go for a north Indian look on the previous day of the wedding hence decided to go for a lehenga; a beautiful pastel shade lehenga from Dimple Fashion, Sharjah. The onion colored lehenga was both elegant and royal and was paired with a beautiful set from Tia Jewelers, Dubai. While I was posing in front of the camera all night, Aghil was getting attacked with turmeric paste at his house. All his cousins took the Haldi ceremony as a great opportunity to attack him. Regardless, we had lots of fun and we're very excited about the next day.

15.01.2020. The day was finally here. We both were awake by 4 am, I had to start getting ready and he had to leave early since he was coming all the way from Calicut. 5 hours later I was finally ready. Looking at the mirror I couldn’t believe the reflection, Vijil had hands down done a great job. After a small ceremony at home, we headed towards the auditorium. We were so excited to see each other, during our 5 years of dating period, this was the first time we have been apart for over a month, and we were seeing each other after a month on our wedding day! There was one more exciting factor for the day, his cousins and I planned a surprise dance at my entry for our friends, family and guests.

Once Aghil arrived at the auditorium, he was welcomed by my family and guided to the stage. It was then my turn to enter. I entered the hall to the “maleyalolaloleragam” and slowly walked down the stairs, as I reach towards the end of the stairs the “ jillamjillam“ song suddenly merges in and his cousins ran towards me and started dancing stopping me from moving any further. This surprised everyone, but what shocked them was after a minute when I joined them too followed by my friends. This was the best part of the wedding, it brightened everyone up, and after all the planning and waiting, we FINALLY tied the knot.

16.01.2020. The day of the Reception. Aghil and I always dreamt of a destination wedding or at the least an outdoor wedding close to nature, but in reality, it wasn’t practical for us. Just when we gave up our hopes, we came across this beautiful outdoor area on the hills in Calicut named – K-hills.   This place was just beautiful. This was initially a clay tile factory that was later converted to a convention center but still maintaining its history. Thankfully the event time and climate were in our favor, without any further due we booked this place right away.


For the reception, I wanted a simpler and elegant look, hence decided on western attire. A gown, the perfect way to go for a western look. I chose a stunning red A-line gown with intricate beats and sequence work. The gown was paired with a beautiful stone necklace from Tia Jewelers and completed the look with a messy bun hairdo by Vijil. To match with this, Aghil chose a dashing maroon 3-piece suit from Van Hussein, a floral print long tie and pocket square and finished with a pair of glossy black Zara shoes. He looked so handsome and cute I almost cried.

The whole evening was filled with hugs and laughter, the perfect way to end a great celebration. We danced the night away hoping for a lifetime together filled with craziness, adventure and most important of all…lots and lots of LOVE.


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