Let Them Eat Cake

Nov 8 2018     By Elna Philamin

"Let Them Eat Cake"


Wedding day should be filled with sweet little things; something memorable for their days ahead. Fluffy, creamy and moisturized texture of wedding Cake can bring them into nectarous romantic mood.


Once this tradition began; the bride and groom would share a piece of cake before distributing it to their guests as it symbolize their union and promise would sustain forever.

Similar to the wedding dance and bouquet toss;  photo session of cake feeding moment is the next delightful tradition that graces every wedding album.

Romantic moment:

Cake feeding can be romantic and sweet; symbolizing a commitment to provide for one another and showcase their love and affection.

Cake baking ideas are becoming trendy day by day. The thematic and customized cake bakers are the stars of attraction.


"If you want to make your wedding cake a unique one"....here is the guide.


#top cake bakers:

Define your dream to the passionate cake bakers!

Incredible art, Beurre De Vanille, Sweet tooth by Fidha, Bakers walk, Cake hut, Ohmycake.in, RJ cakes and so on…

Types of cake:

Unlimited varieties of cake flavours can offer sweet tooth experience in guests. The wonderful combination of lemon and strawberry, chocolate and raspberry, caramel mud and chocolate, coffee and vanilla flavours are attractive in preparing wedding cake.

Customized cakes:

Latest dessert table cake designs-

  Pop cake, Number cake, Twisted cream, Jar cake, Push cake, Truffles, Mini cake, Cup cake,  Alphabet cake

#wedding Cakes

1. Ombre'

Sweet texture of this cake is a standard trend in the celebrations, especially on wedding. Simple and elegant design with delicious taste is really apt for any party. Colour combination is up to the interest of couple. Generally, dark shades will be on bottom and light pastel shades will be the topping.



2. Ruffles

Curly texture is itself is the specialty of this cake. It's wavy surface with pastel shades are notable in the wedding party. Normally fondant or rustic butter cream is used to make this type of cake. Sugary flavour with awesome design will really sooth your taste buds for sure.

3. Basket weave cake

Add colour on your wedding day with creative patterns of cake. Fill the basket with flowers, fruits and other candies according to your wish. It is getting a trend in the wedding function with colourful styles. The same is also used for the other occasions.

4. Damask

Design your wedding party with damask cake. It looks awesome as the external appearance. This cake is quiet popular in wedding party, anniversary, birthday and so on.

5. Metallic gold cake  

Are you looking for a luxurious cake? Try metallic golden cakes, which can add royal impression up on your romantic and other special day. Actually it is a painted cake that can give a rich look on your occasions.

There are unlimited varieties of cakes are in the panel like; Drip cake, Hand painted cake, Butter cream roses and so on. You can choose the pattern of cakes and it's all up to your likes and dislikes.




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