In-house Silks and Woolens at Tribes India Kochi

Nov 7 2018     By Emil Emmanuel

…That many tribes that remained genetically homogenous as opposed to other population groups did it for a reason. They preserved their art, their lineage, their luxury for all. Here are some of the ethereal fibres procured and crafted by these tribes.

Angora Wool
Although it is wool, Angora has a silky texture. Its thin fibres make it soft and ‘fluffy’. It is highly valued for its softness, warmth, and strength. Angora fibre is blended with other wool to add softness.

Angora stole (IMAGE: TRIBES INDIA)

Yak wool
This wool is produced from the coat hair of yak.  Yak wool is an attractive alternative to cashmere because of its exotic nature and performance. It is incredibly flexible and natural.

Yak Wool Stole border (IMAGE: TRIBES INDIA)

Muga silk
Muga silk is a golden yellow silk, obtained from Assam Silkmoth, is the pride of Assam state. This silk which has a glossy fine texture is one of the rarest silks in the world. Muga silk is imperative in any Assam wedding or festival. The golden yellow colour identifies muga silk. To this golden base, embroidery and zari work is added to make the product more attractive.

Muga Silk Yarn

Mulberry silk
The bulk of the commercial silk produced in the world comes from this type. In India, major mulberry silk producing states are Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Jammu & Kashmir. It is the highest quality silk available in the market.


Eri silk

Eri silk is obtained from a silkworm that feeds mainly on castor leaves. The silk is used indigenously by tribes. This variety is produced mainly in north-eastern states and Assam. It is also found in Bihar, West Bengal and Orissa.

Eri Silk


The production and demand for these silks empower small and marginal tribal farmers. Central Silk Board ensures these activities give a sustainable source of income for small and marginal farmers in various parts of the country. Tribes India showcases products made out of these prized yarns mainly in Sarees and Shawls.
Tribes India also has kurtas, shirts, mufflers and jackets for men. Handicrafts, home décor, jewellery, paintings and other assortments produced in various states in their own unique styles are also available.
Tribes India is a brand under TRIFED which came into existence in 1987. TRIFED functions under the administrative control of Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India.

Visit TRIBES INDIA, Head Post Office Building, Ridsdale Road, Fort Kochi.


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