How to Pick Jewellery to Match Your Wedding Outfit

Oct 16 2019     By Wedding Street

Pick Matching Jewellery For Your Matching Outfit


Your bridal gown is ready and has been delivered to you, and you have found it perfectly okay. Now its turn to select and settle pieces of jewelry which will complete your bridal makeup, as well as the pieces, should be absolutely synchronized with the gown. It is a tough job indeed although there is a solution to this dilemma.


Be choosy about jewellery

You may have some finest piece of jewellery with you for your bridal makeup. Kindly do not put all of them. More than a bride, you may look like a jewellery showcase. Pick some exclusive pieces which go with the style and elegance of your bridal dress, your makeup, as well as with your hair style, and ultimately bring completeness in your bridal makeover. For example for a chiffon based bridal gown pearl sets are a better choice than a diamond necklace. Alternatively, if your bridal dress is the belle of the ball type, it will be perfectly complimented by a diamond necklace and other diamond studded piece.


Study the colour scheme

If you observe patiently you will find a colour scheme in all wedding arrangement and decoration. If you can coordinate the colours of your jewellery with this master colour scheme, it will add special glamour to your makeup scheme. The best way to match this colour scheme is to add some gemstone or colour stone in your bridal jewellery and that will make your bridal dress completely innovative and mesmerizing.




The jewellery should match your personality

While picking the jewellery for the bridal dress, you must consider that it should complement your personality. Jewellery is meant for highlighting your presence and your aura of beauty, these dressing accessories should never overpower your beauty and usual glamour.  However, you must check your comfort level before finalizing these jewellery pieces for your wedding day. Jewellery is meant for highlighting your beauty, your beauty is not the canvass for this jewellery for their business display.  


Check your hairstyle

The hairstyle is a major part of bridal makeup, therefore, your pieces of jewellery should match that style as well. For example, hairstyle and earrings should be synchronized with each other. Similarly, the total bridal makeup gets completeness when every part of a bridal makeup contributes largely to complete the bridal appeal, your pieces of jewellery are no exception in this matching scheme. Browsing over fashion related websites or reading in fashion magazines is a great idea for understanding the trend although your decision is final for your special day.


Trivia for selection of jewellery:

Before finalizing the jewellery, take special note on your bridal gown, clutch, and footwear.

Visualize the pieces of jewellery on the bride and evaluate the presence,

If you have a preference for gemstones studded in your jewellery, you have to purchase the pieces accordingly.


Just think twice on your personal preference; whether you want an elegant piece or pieces of jewellery with the simple design: however, better than look you must check on quality also so that the quality and shine of your bridal jewellery should never be compromised.


Consult these suggestions while planning for your bridal jewellery; the right choice will make your makeover a really gorgeous one.


Photo courtesy: Reji Bhaskar & Nias Marikar

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