How to become a morning person after wedding

Mar 1 2018     By Wedding Street

Early to bed, early to rise is a clichéd saying but valid forever. You must be that person who wakes up after lunch time and sleeps when the world wakes up. But, things may have to change after the wedding for many of us. You may be expected to rise before the morning chirps of birds and sleep before your normal dinner time. This can be the last thing you can do. Climbing Mount Everest may found easier for you. Let us give you some hope now. You are not alone. You can make this a habit with some small changes in day to day life. Check out these amazing tricks that can change you to an early bird.

1. Prepare Yourself

You have to tell your body and mind that you are going to change. Mental preparation is necessary as this is a lifestyle change. Nothing can be changed overnight especially a habit you have been following for years. You can log your sleep pattern in a book or sleep support apps. Create a schedule at night.


7.30pm                 Dinner

8.30pm                 Switch off every gadgets like phones and laptops

9.00 pm                Get in Bed

9-9.30pm             Read

10 pm                  Turn lights off

2. Sleep More

The thought of rising early can be a nightmare, but more sleeping hours can be motivating. Make sure you get a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day. You can avoid afternoon naps so that your body will ask rest early. If you cannot avoid, nap cautiously for a few minutes. This can increase your metabolism and make you healthier. Less sleeping hours has a lot of side effects which can be as dreadful as brain damage. Take one step at a time. If you are sleeping at 12 pm and wants to change it to 10.30pm, do it slowly. You can sleep at 11.30 on the first week and ` 11 pm at the second. You can reach your target patiently so that you don't easily get back to your old habit.

3. Smart Drinking and Eating

You have to choose your food and beverages carefully. Do not have anything at least 2hours before you sleep. Lighter and easily digestible dinner can do wonders. Keep your proteins for breakfast. Drink a lot of water during the day and also as soon as you wake up.  Alcohol of Caffeine can stand in between you and your sleep. You can work out in the morning and meditate at night. This can also let you sleep earlier and better.

4. Power Off

Switch off your wifi and laptops at least an hour before you sleep. The screens and the lights can not only harm your eyes but also will ask your brain not to sleep. Scrolling down again and again for hours will hinder your sleep a lot.  Never bring any gadgets to your bedroom like mobile phones or ipads. Don't give the excuse of keeping alarm to keep the phone near you. You can use an alarm clock or timepiece for that purpose. Keep it in such a place that you need to walk and go to snooze it. This will avoid waking up late even after the alarm rings. Once you are up, you will be ready for the day.

5. Motivation

Find a reason to wake up early which makes you happy. Waking up early to make tea for in-laws can make you feel bad. Think about the most exciting task of the day and rise up for that. Working out for getting into shape can be a great motivation for you to wake up on time, meeting your friend can be another. The inspiration should be such that it makes you get your ass out of that bed. Having things to do in the next day can not only motivate you but also lead you to success. Above all, you have some extra time every day unlike the busy rush in the morning. You can take your own sweet time to take bath or read the newspaper.

All the best to all the readers and let everyone be an early bird soon. Share your personal experiences and let us know whether these tips helped you, through your comments.

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