Have A Luscious Bite!!!

Oct 17 2018     By Elna Philamin


    "Set to make your sweet tooth tingle"


Feast upon the magical cakes which can light up your senses…When a home baker is ready to design what you define, and you get the best ever you can get, that’s called icing on the cake!

'Sweet tooth by Fidha' is a fresh initiative of Fidha, a young baker who thrives on natural and quality rich recipes. The home baking concept is her USP. She can provide you original shapes and tastes along with customized ones.

It's all about creating tailor made designs and thematic customization that makes this baker special in Cochin. She has an endless array of cake varieties ranging from desserts, cupcakes, jar cakes, truffle, cake pops to customized cakes.

Let it be any occasion, specially crafted cakes are always going to tease your mind and body. Designs and flavours will vary from party to party like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor parties and so on.

"Now customers are quite trendy about their sweet-needs, especially for baby shower, bridal shower, dessert table and other kids party themes", Fidha says.

Mother cake accompanied by mini cakes, cake pops, push cakes and jar cakes are the demanded ones of the season. Sweet tooth by Fidha is also specialized in painted cakes, fondant cakes, butter cream cakes and other endless varieties.

Perfect combination of fluffy, yummy cake flavours are the signature attraction of Sweet tooth by Fidha with hundred percent taste bud satisfaction.

Fidha, talks about her true love with chocolate fudge, "That sweet moist, yummy flavour with spongy and fluffy texture hit my mind at the very first bite".

She is a perfectionist and she will not do any compromise up on her product quality and customer support. Fidha now plans to spread her baking knowledge through a workshop and the same is under process.

You are a cake lover, you might want a tryst with 'sweet tooth by Fidha'…

Contact her on: Instagram ( sweettooth_bf )

                         FB ( Sweet Tooth by Fidha )

            Mobile: 8089347090


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