For an Everlasting Relationship!

Jan 7 2019     By Elna Philamin

Maintain a healthy married life!
For Your eternal love…


Accept your life partner as a gift of God! 
Relationship plays a vital role in the life of married couples…
Every married life has its own tensions but how you deal with them is the ideal matter. Sometimes conflicts may lead to big problems.


Three tips to avoid conflicts 

1. Acceptance

The opposite character is one of the major reasons to have conflicts. Usually, a person more people-oriented marries someone who is task-oriented. To a certain limit that is relevant for a proper married life so that your spouse can add colour and variety to your life. Right after the Wedding hangover for a while, the attractions soon become repellents! Here develops the chance for arguments and fights in the life of newlyweds. 
If you want to handle these problems easily; firstly accept your partner. Once you start accepting your partner you will see wonders in your life. It's important to understand and accept the differences in both characters. Here comes the value of the quote: "unity in diversity".



2. Greet each other

Start greeting each other. Simply say good words to your partner. Once he/she did a good thing give a greet. For instance, if your wife prepared a good meal; say it. Greetings are priceless and it valued much in the life of couples. Sometimes your partner feels upset; in such cases try to avoid disturbing him because give them their own personal space. Moreover that, always think from your partner's side & try to make him/her happy with your presence. 


3. Love!

The word Wedding is itself flourished with the concept of love! 
Both the couples are expecting love from the partner's side. Since God made the man and women, the love started to develop. It is one of the supreme concepts in the life of a married couple. Love maintain the bond between husband and wife. Even though there can be issues in life; keep love in your mind and maintain a healthy relationship for your eternal bond.       

Make your life beautiful as much as you can...


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