"Exquisite Patterns of Jewellery"

Dec 28 2018     By Elna Philamin

Exquisite Patterns of Jewellery! 
"Flaunt Your Ensembles"



Walk through the aisle of the Wedding venue with a pretty face and matching ensembles are the dream of every girl!
If you are a bride-to-be & you want to add colour on your bridal look then check out the following ideas to pair up your ensembles. 
The gorgeousness of your look always depends upon the combination of your bridal jewellery that you accessorize with bridal lehenga. 
If you are the bride wants to unleash the beauty in you; then the following tips & ideas are just created for you!


Colour contrast Jewellery 



Catch the eyes of your guest with colour contrast jewellery…
Now the trend is celebrating the colour contrast patterns of Wedding ensembles. The more astonishing the contrast, the more will it compliment your outfit. If you are in a beige colour lehenga contrast it with a dark coloured necklace like green, pink, blue and so on. 


Multi-coloured stone Jewellery



It is the season of bold brides with multi-coloured stones of chokers! Choose this type of ornaments with minimal designed bridal lehenga. Contrasting stone, beads, hues work on your choker will be the perfect stunner. 


Diamond Jewellery



Capture the royal in you with diamond ensembles! 
Diamond studded ornaments are just as awesome as it is. No matter your function this category of jewellery will release your beauty on your D-Day. Here, the pattern and the colour of your dress doesn’t come as a matter.


Matching shade with your lehenga  



Be elegant with outstanding ensembles with matchy-matchy outfits. For instance, complement the colour of your jewellery with the colour of your bridal dupatta. It will maximize your beauty with a lasting effect on your D-Day.

Make your day memorable with innovative ornaments in the vogue!


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