"Exclusive Bridal Beauty Tips"

Nov 26 2018     By Elna Philamin

"Exclusive Bridal Beauty Tips"

'For a glowing skin'


Plan your big day with wow results….

Unleash the hidden glamour in you!

Start the preparations at least 6 months before.

Daily Routine:

CTM- Cleansing, toning & moisturizing (daily basis). It will give you a glowing and youthful skin

Smooth hands & legs-

Massage with olive oil (night).

Gym- Avoid dieting and over gym schedules

 Otherwise, you may look tired in your day, do simple exercise on regular basis.

Facial & Hair Spa- Monthly facials are relevant Bi-weekly Gold facial is preferable (test before).

 Opt for hair spa once in a month

Meditation- Spend at least 15 minutes per day. It will release your stress & keep your mind and body fresh.

Diet- Drink plenty of water to keep a toxin-free body. Have coconut water, lime water, fresh juices, fruits, green vegetables especially sprouts. Consult a dietitian if it is necessary.

Sleep- Sleep 8 to 10 hours a day. Lack of sleep gives you dark circles and give you a tired look.

To Maintain Glow:

1. Avoid untried facial products on the wedding day

2. Use natural remedies (long lasting effect)

3. Eat more green salads

4. Never skip meals

5. Keep your mind and body happy & fresh.

Pimples & Scar

Beware of fairness products, because pimples can appear due to unlimited reasons like; hormonal imbalance, consumption of fast food, and so on. Visit a dermatologist first! They can help you to find out the cause and remove the pimples and scars.   

Note: Drink 10-12 glass of water.

Cosmetics: 'Choose good quality products'

Always opt for the premium products that can trust. Never apply any untried things on your face a couple of days before your wedding. Ask a dermatologist if it is needed. Facials are good for your skin, be confident about its results.

Explore the real beauty in you!


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