Decorated coconuts are the trend in South Indian weddings!

Sep 14 2017     By anupama

South Indians are carrying a new trend of fancy in the wedding which is the Shiny Coconut that the bride carries. The things that need attention and checklist have increased in number. Before it was loads of goal, Mundu of the groom and now it's also the Shiny and fancy coconut. We have been seeing this for a couple of weeks now but what attracted us is that every day the shining stones and decorations on the coconut is increasing! So is this the trend? Oh yes!! Call it chic attraction or addiction but embellished coconuts are a nutty idea and it is cool!

Decorated coconuts

Designs in coconuts


What do you mean by embellished coconut?

Okay, lemme tell you more about these coconuts. These are the coconuts a bride carries with her as she is proceeding to sit by the homam (The fireplace) at the mandap. And as you know South is well known for food and coconuts. Coconut being the inevitable part, they are being embellished with new and fun designs and precious stones. Ain't these cool? Now we have got an additional thing to decorate. These wedding coconut decoration or Sriphal decorations are very famous in South India.

Embellished coconut

Trending designs

Designs in coconut

Designs be like what?
Anything is done as far as it looks good and fancy on the coconut. There should be a lot of attraction given to the coconut is what we are asking for! You can add stones, Swarovski and you can draw good designs which are hand-painted. You can have anything that is DIY! If you want you can also embed the names of bride and groom. As this coconut is a piece of art you can do anything and everything and make it look crazyily beautiful. Have seen ducks, swans, peacock and many such things which go along with the shape of the coconut. For more decoration, you can simply add sequins, stones, pearls, gold beads, you name it. You can also add with gajras and add your favourite god into the mix and keep it sweet!

designs in coconut

decorated coconut

Decorated coconut

embellished coconut

Where can we get this now?
You can straightway go to Pelli Poola Jada, a place where they make good floral pieces, gota jewellery and mehendi jewellery. You get all the stuff you need for the wedding bride. Even hair prices woven with flowers for South-Indian brides located in Hyderabad is famous for this.

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