Contouring and highlighting your face

Jan 30 2019     By Asha Parvathy

Contouring & Highlighting Your Face!


Most women want to look nothing short of perfection on their wedding day. Over the years bridal makeup has also gone through many changes. Lately, contouring has become a hit among the brides. 


What is contouring?

It is the process of slimming your face with makeup. In other words, contouring is enhancing the facial structure through makeup such as giving the illusion of higher cheekbones, a slimmer face or shortening the nose. Contouring doesn't mean putting heavy makeup. You can benefit from it if it is done in a right manner. If not done properly you may end up looking foolish.




Areas which need contouring








What all you need for contouring?


Translucent powder




Areas to highlight

If you want to bring out a certain part or feature of your face you should highlight the area.



How to highlight and contour in simple steps

Select a foundation which is one shade lighter than your skin tone as a highlighter, and two shades darker for contouring.


First apply the lighter colour foundation on the top of your cheekbones, under eye area, down the bridge of the nose, and an upside-down triangle on your forehead. Now slowly blend the edges of the foundation with a brush.


Now apply the darker foundation in the hollow of your cheekbones, down the sides of the nose, underneath the chin, in the depth of the temples, and along your hairline. Blend the edges with a blending brush.


As you don’t want to end up looking ridiculous soften the edges with a clean wet sponge. Gently press over your foundation.


Now, apply the right shade of blusher on your cheekbones and a suitable colour of the lipstick. Now you are ready to go.

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