"Boho Wedding Inspiration"

Nov 14 2018     By Elna Philamin

Boho Wedding Inspirations...

"For your rustic Indian wedding"


Bohemian weddings have a creative viewpoint about the wedding ceremony. It is a mix of gypsy and ethnic patterns.

Are you the one who is interested to do out of box creations? Here is the guide…

Concept  Boho Wedding

As the word suggests, bohemian represents the free spirit and freakish mentality with full of innovative ideas.

Design your wedding in a boho style ambiance!

Bohemian wedding matters  


Boho Gown: Something that’s filled with a relaxed free vibe. Preferably fun floaty dress with vibrant floral crowns and simple accessories. Boho gowns have fresh designs each year. Lace sleeves, soft fabrics, romantic drapes, unique straps are the other specialties.

Venue: Bohemian weddings typically take place over outdoor at rustic countryside locations such as woodland areas and other romantic backyards.

Décor: Relaxed ambiance with artistic and mismatched vibes are the basic of boho wedding. Wild background with crystal hangings, dream catchers, colourful linen decorations, mismatched floral arrangements, creative bouquets, antique items and crafted wooden logs are the preferable highlights of the theme.

Hairstyle: Rustic style of the small cluster of flowers, loose waves of hairstyles such as; fishtail braid or four strand braid. Gorgeous floral crowns of different shades are the freaky concepts.  

Boho-inspired Indian wedding

You may ask: Is it practical for an Indian wedding!!!

A big 'YES' will represent the answer.

If you have a Mood On mind… We will track your heart towards the perfect  Boho wedding zone.

Boho Mandaps:

Let us start with the mix and match traditional mandaps. Forget about the boring drapes of usual stage styling. Use dramatic elements with chandeliers, meshes of branches, twigs, creepers, vines, logs, floral garlands and artistic creations with fairy lights.

Creative seating arrangements of the couples are the colourful ideas of Boho wedding (use a wooden chair with flowers & leaves).

Dreamcatchers are the next attractions of boho wedding. Beautiful feathers, beads with vibrant colour combinations and patterns are one of the major attractions of this wedding theme.


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