A quick guide to post marriage personal hygiene

Mar 6 2018     By Wedding Street

Personal hygiene is always at priority whether you are married or not. But, after marriage, your personal hygiene is more important not only because of your physical relation but also your infections may be contagious. Everything becomes a matter of two. Your partner may suffer from your ignorance of personal hygiene. This is a quick guide to start an all-new personal hygiene regime from the day of your marriage.

Clean Up before and after

Always clean up before you start making love, however spontaneous the act may be. Wash your hands and take a bath after sex too, and wash every part of your body. Use personal care products like the vaginal wash to ensure that the ph balance is correct.

Pee before and after a sexual act

It is necessary to use the washroom before and after a sexual intercourse. This will avoid unnecessary interruption of nature calls in between your romantic moment. This also a part of personal hygiene as urination throws away any unwanted particles in your vagina.

Protection is a must

Unless you are trying for a baby, use condoms every time you go for an intercourse. Do not reuse condoms or use unsealed or already opened ones. This can ensure unexpected pregnancy. This will also make sure you will not transfer any diseases.

When its Oral

If you are going for Oral sex, wash your mouth well before and after the act. You should not choose Oral sex if you have any cuts or boils in the mouth. Make sure your Oral hygiene is maintained all through the day. Any foul smell can push your partner away from you.

Hair removal Problems

As hair is the natural protection from any foreign body entering your private parts, you may not need to remove it. If you or your partner prefer non haired body, you can go for trimmers or shaving. Hair removal creams are mostly allergic to private parts. You can check them in the leaflet attached in the packet. Waxing bikini area will give you a soft and supple skin but comes with a bigger package of pain.

Wash your inner wears regularly

Do not leave your inner wears without washing in the laundry bag. Wash them daily and never reuse without washing them.  Hand wash is preferred for almost all the brands. You can use warm water and a few drops of Dettol to ensure cleanliness. Dry it well under the sun. Do not dry your inners inside the bathroom. Any bacteria will be killed only with strong sun radiations. Try using cotton inners to ensure air circulation and avoid allergies.

Anti-inflammatory creams

If you have any boils/cuts near the vagina, you can go for any anti sceptic or anti-inflammatory ointments that are available exclusively for your sensitive areas. This can be due to closed /tight bottom wears or inner wears.  If aggravated, consult a doctor without self-medication. Use loose cotton clothes to avoid.


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