7 Ways on how to get along with her friends!

Feb 28 2018     By Wedding Street

Once your wedding is fixed, you get immense lectures on how to manage your in-laws and every other person you meet gives you free trial advices. This will make you realize that marriage is not only bringing you and your partner together but both of your families too. But, soon after your wedding, you realize that you both have a bunch of different friends gang and they all are opposed to how your friends are. Here is when you need a proper manual to handle her girl's gang. Incorporate these simple tactics in your life to make those girls your fan.

1. Know them before you meet them

You have to take your girl's help for this step. Try to know small funny secrets or nicknames of her friends and greet them in such a way that they should be impressed on the first hello. Become a part of them and make them a part of you. Also, the way you treat her can always make them fall in love with you too. They will accept the one who treats their friend well. Knowing her friends will not only help you connect with her friends, but also facilitate to know your girl better.

2. Travel Together

If her friends list already has any couples, you can travel together and double dating always gives double fun. This will give both of you privacy, though you are in a group. Travelling together not only ensure extra adventures, but also more safety. If some unexpected things happen, like your car getting flat tyres or anyone falling ill, these company can be a great idea to handle. Make sure none of the couples dominate and both of them get equal chances for decision making. If you chose the breakfast venue, let them select the place for lunch.

3. Shopping and Movie dates

Shopping can never go wrong in case of girls. Same is the case with movies. Even if it is a movie genre you don't personally prefer, you can compromise once in a while. Make it a habit to catch up with her friends at least once in a month. Movies give you a personal retreat along with a feeling of being in a gang. It is not that you need to pay for all her friends whether it's a movie or shopping. Holding bags for them and being with them itself can make things your way.

4. Give her space

Once in a while, let her nurture her friendship, without you. This will give her personal space. It's always good to have good friends around and she is going to be more passionate about you, once she is back. A little missing is going to create magic and she will always be thankful for that space.

5. Let your girl do her part

You always need to take things slow. Let her introduce you to her gang. Her friends know you and judge you only through her. So, make sure she gives the best possible review about you. Any bad impression can create lifelong problems. If she likes you, her friends will also will like you. But, if she is giving a very bad notion on your habits, you are gonna be in real shit.

6. Never try to change her

After all these efforts if her friends are not into you, let them be. But, do not ask her to change her friends. Never complain or nag about her gang. Respect them for who they are and accept the differences. Friendship cannot be forced. They may be possessive about your girl and that itself can keep them away from you. But, stay positive because they all love your girl and want the best for her.

7. Connect both your friend's circles

If you believe that both yours and hers friends group match their wavelength, you can arrange a house party. This can break the ice and bring them closer. A box of beer and some bottles of wine can do the magic. They all will mingle themselves and if not, you can pidgin .This can be the best experience, if both of your friends are positive towards the idea.

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