6 Qualities of Women that Men find Sexy

Feb 24 2018     By Wedding Street

If you are thinking about those big boobs or extra large butt, you are completely mistaken. Sexy is a word that has taken the role of trendsetter from being used along with food to dress. This ensures that every time we use sexy, there is something great that we love, associated with it. Though we are in the days of fat shaming and slim shaming, being sexy is not only about 36-26-36. There was a time when men looked for women who can take care of their elderly family members and cook three times meal. This was the definition of a perfect marriage material kind of woman. Now, the table has turned around. Men want a woman who can support them financially and are independent. Cooking is not even on their books. The new generation has realized that a Youtube video or house help can solve the issue of food. Breaking the stereotypes, there are many common qualities that are attractive to men.

Here are some amazing qualities that will make every woman desirable and sexy as per a man!



1. Being Independent

Gone are those days when men wanted women to depend on them for everything from finance to physical activity. Today they prefer women who have a dependable job and also does everything that was once a monopoly for men. They want their partner to be equal and do their own activities without seeking permission. It is not only about the job but also has a stand and opinion of your own that can grab his attention.

2. Honesty

Honesty can never go out of fashion. Every men and woman look for this quality in their partner. This does not mean to reveal every single aspect of one's life. But, being honest to partner is always on demand and will be the best quality for any gender. Being truthful to oneself is the biggest attitude one can develop.

3. Be Sensible

Being sensitive was once appreciated, but being sensible is what counts now. A woman should be able to understand the situation and handle it, instead of being emotional. Being susceptible is not a bad emotion, but taking responsibility and being accountable is more accepted. Intelligence and humour sense are other relatable attributes that can make men fall for you.

4. Passionate Drivers

Women have always been linked with bad driving and worst parking skills. It's time to change the perception. Women who can drive can always support their family and themselves, a little more.  Women need not depend on their partner or public transport, at times of emergencies. It is not about being cool, but self-sufficient. So, if you are a crazy driver/ rider, men are in search of you!

5. Professionals

It is always a give and take policy when it comes to respecting. With due admiration for women who chose to be homemakers, men prefer women who are career oriented. In current economic condition, it is more than a mere time pass for women to work. Both the partners should equally divide the burden of financial stability. This can ensure a better lifestyle and living conditions for the whole family.

6. Neither Dominant nor Submissive

Women who are reliable are always a turn on for men. It is not the past of either men/women who define them. Men prefer women who value themselves.  Being suppressive or dominant are not expected from women these days. Gender equality is highly welcomed. There are men who prefer to be homemaker and women who can be the CEO. A balance of both can create ideal couples. Mutual respect and understanding are what creates a beautiful relationship. Neither of the partners needs not be dominant nor submissive to have a successful married life.

All these qualities are the best ones for women, not only for attracting men but for themselves.

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