5 Ways in which Smart Women say Good Bye

Mar 14 2018     By Wedding Street

You must be going through the worst days of your life, but let us remind you 'Even this will pass away'. You can easily believe that the world is going to end for you. No! You are going to be okay soon. This is a passing phase and you will recover from the mental and physical bruises soon. Longevity may be criteria for calculating your recovery time. Still, time will heal the pain you are currently experiencing.

To make things effortless for you, let us give some simple practical ways to get out of a breakup and say goodbye to your past.

1. Grab your pen

You must have heard that penning down your daily tasks or thanksgiving notes is the best habit of a successful person. It is not different in the case of a breakup. Write down everything that bothers you and flushes out all your emotions whether it is anger, frustration or whatever it is. It can relax you as faster as talking to a brain doctor. Journal all your worries and insecurities and you will see them erased from your mind.

2. Call them back

Hang out with your friends and spend time with them. You don't need to shit talk your ex or even discuss your past at these get-togethers. You can focus on other positive things in your life and people who love you. Family can be another good support who can be with you through these rough days. Your time should be invested only with people whom you value or wish the best for you.

3. Pack your bags

Travel to a place which gives you comfort. You can go for solo trips or with family and friends. This is completely dependent on what kind of a person you are. Some fresh air and good spirit is all you need to refresh yourself.  Avoid places that you already enjoyed with your ex or have any memories attached. Find a new place where you have never been and no one knows you so that you can be as stupid as you want to be.

4. Move your ass

Overeating or starving can be the worst side effects of a breakup. You don't need to hog on to chocolates or damage your body with alcohol. None of these can give you a permanent solution. Instead, if you start a new healthy lifestyle and workout regime, you can see that the body is thanking you, even though your mind is hurt. Cardio and many other exercises can help you face the world in a more bolder manner.

5. Say No to Social Media

Stop stalking your ex's profile and mourning on the loss. Deactivate all your social media accounts and block your ex everywhere. You won't regret keeping away from the internet for some time. Do not show the desperate you to the world and your ex. This is the coolest tip to move on from a very bad break up. This can make you a happier person.


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