3 Wedding themes that are WOW!

May 20 2019     By Meera Kamal

3 Wedding themes that are WOW!

Do you always have a taste for uniqueness? Are you a fan of beaches or nature? Do you want your special day to be exclusive and happening? Make your dream come true. Plan a theme wedding for your Big Day! Choose from the best themes possible in India. You have a huge list from the royal wedding, fairytale wedding, beach wedding to even forest wedding! Apart from the bride and the groom, guests look at the decor and the set up of the functions. which generally shows the standard of the wedding. If the venue is perfect, the guests are impressed instantly and if the theme is good, then the guests will go crazy out of happiness. A theme-based wedding creates a storyline around your Big Day in all areas like the costume, wedding decor, wedding venue and the catering. Any guest can associate with the wedding theme when they hear about your wedding stories.

1. Fairytale Wedding

If you were always a fan of fairytales, what else can be the theme for your dream wedding? Love at first sight? Prince charming on the horse? If you can relate to all these, you are perfect for a fairytale wedding. Get those outdoor venues sparkle like a twinkling star and be the princess of your story. The costumes can be that of the prince and the princess which will go in blend with the theme.



2. Beach Wedding Theme

Want to enjoy your wedding like a beach holiday? Want to bring out the fun side of the wedding guests and have those crown blown away by the wind. You need a beach wedding. The guests get to wear light dresses, that they can handle well. The beach wedding is a blend of minimalism and elegance at the same time. The mood of the wedding is created with the food, that is, the seafood. The only thing you have to be aware of is the climatic conditions of the venue and whether it is safe to have a wedding in that location.

3. Green Wedding

Tree planting on every special day has become popular in the past few years. We realize the need for a greener future. Couples are opting green wedding more because it gives them a chance to do something for society while they celebrate their love.  They feel socially responsible. It needs a minimum decoration with all natural ones. You can request your guests to donate generously to any charity organization instead of getting your presents. Give plants pots and saplings as return gifts to your guests.



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