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Spices Board India
(Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India)
'Sugandha Bhavan"
N.H.By Pass, Palarivattom.P.O
Cochin - 682025
Kerala, India

Kerala is popular for Kathakali and backwaters and it's a known fact. But, the land of coconuts also has a rich history of spices . The monopoly over spices is what gifted Kerala , the name and fame it owns now. The lion share of India's spice export is from Kerala and it data back to thousands of years. The history of Indian spices is huge and enlightening, along with being interesting. It has many funny and attractive stories to tell us which are not even geographically restrained. It is said that peace was bought between King Solomon and Queen Sheba by Indian spices. There is another piece of literature which mentioned that a Gothic King asked for 3000 pounds of Indian pepper as ransom for lifting the siege of Rome. Don't you think Indian pepper was such a superstar those days? It is considered that Indian spices are sold in Europe for 100 times more price than the original value. Still, the demand is only rising due to the uniqueness of them. The main source of revenue of the state is also addicted to the spice industry.

With such an enriching cultural backdrop, you don't need to think twice before selecting the spices as return gift for your daughter's big fat Indian wedding. You can also incorporate spices in the wedding invitation box which can grab the appreciation of your guest list. The utility of spice box is not limited to that too, you can include them in the gifts to be exchanged between the families on various occasions of wedding function. The list is large and you can read us to know why Flavourit is the best choice for the same. You can blindly rely on Flavourit for all your spice needs and requirements .

Flavourit is the home for a group of earth lovers who work on the soil by preserving the pleasure of spices. It also efficiently coordinates the endeavor of beginners and connect them with the industry and market forces. Flavourit thus becomes a mediator for growers, collectives and developmental ventures to bring the economic and social inclusion for industry standard spice production and supply. Flavourit has a supply of all conventional (clove, black and white pepper, dry ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cassia, cambodge, cumin, mustard, poppy seed, dill seed, fennel, shah jeera, turmeric powder, fenugreek and coriander) and organic items. The products also include spice extracts like cardamom, black pepper, clove, cumin, red chilies, cassia, chai masala, garam masala and ginger extracts. Herbs like rosemary, thyme, sage, tarragon and spearmint are also available at Flavourit.

There are some essential oils too available under the brand of Flavourit including peppermint oil, rosemary oil, basil oil, clove oil, thyme oil and Cleary sage oil. There are so many soaps and cosmetics made with Indian spices. They are face scrubs, face packs for pimples with neem, anti acne cream, night cream and clearness oil. Natural shampoos, hair masks and face washes are also available in the market under the brand of Flavourit. This includes almost all the possible products which can be produced using Indian spices. They all have the traits and qualities of the spices included in them. The medicinal and herbal benefits of these natural products can be experienced by the customers. The social responsibility of Flavourit includes environment welfare and protection. It makes sure that the planet and the people are safe and well maintained while extracting natural resources. The authentic taste and natural aroma of spices will not be missed in the process of delivering the best. The packaging is also eco-friendly and non-plastic to make sure that it suits the modern world and does not interfere with the ecological balance in nature.

Special Features

Flavourit exists to embrace the passion of spices in the state. It is an initiative to share this flavour with the world without losing authenticity and purity. The top quality real spices are gathered from the farms which strive for tradition and faith, not money. When we know that Indian spices are sold at such high rates in foreign countries, the plight of farmers who produce them is still a very bad state. The inequities that exist in the spice farming industry is astonishing. An average spice farmer in Kerala with less than a hectare of land hardly gets to meet both the ends. This is due to the disintegration of holdings and unauthentic sources from disloyal producers. If you think that the condition of farmers is better after Independence, you are still far away from reality. The farmer's problems have only escalated in years, all over the country.

Thus, Flavourit is taken up the responsibility of getting fair deals for the farmers and making them compatible in the spice trade. This makes Falvourit unique from other spice initiatives in Kerala. Flavourit brand of spices is promoted and quality checked by Spices Board of India which makes it more authentic and reliable. The rich natural resources are deep-rooted in the culture and Flavourit combines the authentic customs to modern technology. It intends to take the pride of Indian spices to all other parts of the world. Flavourit also connects the progressive farmers and grass root organisation who thrives for serving the best quality spices. The quality of spices is ensured by Flavourit not only on economic grounds but also on wellness basis. Healthy and fresh spices are guaranteed by the dedicated and passionate team of Flavourit. The hard work and sacrifice of genuine farmers will no more go unseen in a world of imitations and duplicate. Flavourit is thus a one-stop destination for all your spice needs and you will be amazed by the quality and genuineness of the products. Flavourit is thus the best in the spice industry with umpteen options and alternatives. Now, Spice it up spices, at Flavourit!

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