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1st Floor, TKA Tower,
Near Metro Pillar No: 410,
Lulu Mall Junction, Edappally,
Kochi, Kerala - 682 024.

Novocare - "Let Your Beauty Shine Forever"

Royal entry as a bride to the wedding stage is the colourful dream of each girl. Once the dream knocks the door they become active in the beauty parlour and spend more time for beauty care.
Bride-to-be category varies from person to person such as; some girls will be active in beauty parlours before months while others visit the same just for the wedding day with simple makeup.
In this scenario, the bride is very conscious to be a beautiful personality. It is because beauty is not only the definition of an external beauty, that also means about the healthy gorgeousness that means, the meaning of beauty changed from applying to makeup to acquiring healthy gorgeousness.
Novocare skin clinic is giving wings to the girly dream. International quality oriented skin treatments are available with the service of expert doctors. Their beauty secrets will make your girly dreams true. 'Make an appointment with our expert doctor’s at least 2 months before your wedding.'

Novocare & Beauty Treatments:

1. Laser Toning & Carbon Peel
This treatment can clear your skin pigmentation and make the skin shine. You can access instant glow on your face within 2 or 3 sessions.

2. Laser Hair Reduction (LHR)
Remove your unwanted hair from your face and body. This treatment is applicable for male and female. Permanent hair reduction is a reality more than a dream now. Fast and painless treatment of Triple Wavelength Laser beam (Soprano Ice Platinum) helps you to make it possible. This technology became popular in Kerala through the Novocare skin clinic.

3. Laser Skin Rejuvenation
Provide the skin rejuvenation through the laser is the duty of this treatment. It is much affordable and a fruitful procedure. The facial pigmentation, suntan gets removed and skin becomes fairer through this treatment.

4. Injectables or Skin booster
Injectable fillers, Botox (without any side effects) are used to make the fresh and shiny skin. Make an appointment with our expert doctor’s at least 2 months before your wedding.

5. Chemical Peel
If you have dull skin, you can make it fair and rejuvenated through this chemical peel. You will get the service of expert doctors who can remove your pimples and pigmentation.

6. Skin Polishing
MDA or Skin polishing is the treatment for deep exfoliation. You can gain smooth and fair skin through this treatment.

7. PRP or Vampire Facial
Rejuvenate your skin texture and tone and gain beautiful skin through this treatment.

8. Medi Facial
Gain your Teenage beauty at any elder age through this treatment. It will remove your suntan, pigmentation and pimples from your skin & rejuvenate your skin texture. Novocare is introducing you the oxygeneo treatment. It will provide essential nutrients and oxygen to your skin.

Special Features

Bridal Skin Care

Body Hair Reduction
Pigmentation Treatment with Peels
MBA & Laser
Skin Rejuvenation
Fairness Treatments

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