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MOM - Pre Marriage Counseling &Health Check Up


About MOM - Pre Marriage Counseling &Health Check Up

Pre-marital health check-ups are carried out on “to-be married’ couples to understand their state of health as they prepare to tie the knot. This is very important in order not to pass on any infectious, transmissible, or genetic disease to the next generation.

It is critical to undertake an unbiased and thorough pre-wedding health check-up to verify the health of both partners as it will prevent any fatal diseases including genetic ones from being transmitted to your children. One may keep in mind that the family background, diet, age, addictions, and routines will greatly influence the results of such tests.

Once you get the test results, you must consult our certified physicians for a proper diagnosis and further remedial action. One can treat most of the diseases through medical advice and medications. Thus, a couple, intending to marry, must undergo such tests at least six months in advance so that they feel healthy and responsible towards their immediate and future familes.

Significance of the pre-marital check-up
Pre-marital health check-up is critical to ensure the following:

Present health status of both the groom and the bride
Risk of transmitting any infectious disease, such as – hepatitis B, HIV infection, or any sexually transmitted diseases (STD)
Risk of transmitting hereditary diseases, such as – thalassemia or sickle cell anemia
Threat to inherit mental illness, such as – schizophrenia, depression, Alzheimer’s disease
Sexual health of both the partners – sperm count, impotency, ultrasonography, etc
Risk of any communicable disease, such as – tuberculosis

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