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Counselling is the process of giving advice or guidance. You could seek advice and guidance from our experienced professional counsellor if you are feeling like you need help.

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More explicitly, it stands for getting assistance in finding solutions for problems in everyday life. Counselling includes emotional, relationship, behavioural problems that need an expert advice or guidance. Counselling is a space for people to discuss and seek advice for their difficult feelings from a dependable person with ensured confidentiality.

"Importance of Marriage Counselling"

Counselling is a therapy or part of psychotherapy addressing emotional, psychological and/or relationship issues. Counselling is a space for people to discuss and seek advice for their difficult feelings from a dependable person with ensured confidentiality. A counsellor understands and respects your viewpoint and will help you to deal with your difficult situations through advice, solutions and psychotherapy and thereby helps you to cope up with the situations, feelings and relationships and thereby a better living.

Wedding Counsellor

Wedding Counsellor

A counsellor never imparts his viewpoints, but instead, helps you to clarify, understand and gain insight into the situation or problem and thereby a self-analysis and correction. Counsellors need not be psychologists or doctors. A counsellor can be someone who is trained and certified in counselling.

How do counselling help?

In many difficult situations, family members or friends will not be able to provide an unbiased and objective viewpoint. Also, you might be having some problems which you may be reluctant to discuss with your family and friends. A counsellor helps here as a talking therapy within a confidential and open environment.
You can approach a counsellor for any difficult experiences you’ve been going through like relationship breakdown or relationship issues, family problems, depression, anxiety and lack of self-confidence. For some symptoms like eating disorders, sleeplessness, weight loss etc doctors may not find any physical cause, but you may want to look further to see whether there is a psychological side to your symptoms.

Wedding Counsellor

Wedding Counsellor

Things to look in a counsellor

A counsellor should be a certified or a qualified person in counselling.
You can choose a counsellor and can leave anytime if you feel that his / her style is not suited for your particular issue.
A counsellor should be a good listener and empathetic.
A counsellor should never try to impart his opinions or suggestions upon his clients.
You should be feeling very comfortable in front of the counselling for an open discussion of issues
A counsellor is supposed to maintain confidentiality and supportive.
For problems that cannot be solved through counselling, a more intense counselling like psychotherapy or a cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) may be required. Going for counselling is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of courage, strength and willingness to make changes.

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