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Every jewel is a masterpiece for the person who wears it. Gold is the most precious gift the parents would give to the dear daughter on her D day. We ensure it reflects your personality and charm.

Wedding Designer

There are four factors to choose your wedding jewellery- value for money, parent's choice, bride's choice and sync with the wedding ensemble. Our ornament designer is well aware about the Great Indian wedding rituals and the particular ornaments each community wears.price, quality standards of each and every jewellery etc.

The ornament designer specialised in gold, diamond, platinum and other precious stones will update you with latest trends, fashion and style in wedding ornaments.

"Must have’s in your Jewellery Trousseau in 2019"

Fashion is the most temporary matter in this world. You shut open your eyes and the trend changes. Every woman dream about having a perfect trousseau to her credit. But, it is a big confusion on what to include and exclude to be trendy, stylish and traditional at the same time. There should be items that suit every occasion like grand, casual and formal. Here is a small list of what you should not miss to possess this year.


For past few years we have been keeping away from chokers. Necklaces have been the statement jewellery for every bride. Now, it is the turn of chokers to rule. A choker is that ornament that hugs your neck tightly but not uncomfortably. It snugs and sits on your neck as if it will never leave you. It can suit every occasion.


Pendants have always been in trend, but the size varies. There has been hot huge pendants that take the whole look credit and the simple and elegant ones which makes the one who wears it look gorgeous. The pendant trend is a blend of statement pieces and delicate pieces. Some of the popular types in pendants include amulets, talismans, lockets, medallions, and of late, charms. Pendants can be the best gifts for women of all ages, if you choose the right style.


Anklets have always been a bride’s favourite jewellery. But, whether light or heavy, it never attracted the casual lovers. But now, single leg anklets are in trend. They can be as thin as a thread or on the heaviest side. It depends on the occasion and the person who wears it. The clasping ones will take the fear away of falling off or opening up.


Bracelets always had to compete with the bangles to win the battle. At times, the victory favours the bangles and the bracelets will stay in the cupboard for a long time. It is a comeback time for the bracelet with statement pieces, stacks of bracelets, and charm bracelets being the trendiest in styles. The populr types of bracelets are the delicate ones and the thick ones (kadas). The best thing about the bracelet is that you can style it with every outfit whether casual, formal or traditional.

Waist Band

Waistbands were once restricted to wedding functions. Else, they used to be the main item only in some classical dance performances. A waist chain also known as kamarband, gives perfect shape to your waistline and improves your figure while styling ethnic and traditional outfits like a saree or a lehenga. But, these days even a crop top with a skirt can look more casual and dazzling with a waistband. So, do not think twice to grab a belly chain, next time you are out for shopping. It is a must in your collection.


You will definitely remember those stunning emerald and diamond brooch by Bulgari worn by Elizabeth in the 1963 film ‘The V.I.P.s.’ Photo Alamy and Christie’s. The age-old antique brooch trend is gaining back its popularity this year.  A statement brooch accessorized with a saree is elegant. Trendy brooches and pins are at its best in 2019. You can style them up with any piece of clothing from your wardrobe and make a statement.


Rings have always been a part of any one's life. They become the promise accessory to the engagement ring and then a witness to the wedding vows. This mark of love is currently embellished with diamonds and solitaires. The wedding market begins with this piece of jewellery. The ring trend has never gone out of fashion and is gaining a new face and look with cocktail rings and stackable rings. Women wearing multiple rings on their fingers is stylish and elegant at the same time. They are fans of the new launch in the ring industry, stackable rings.


Earrings are always a part of the female body. A few days post birth, she is gifted with a small hole in both the ears and a small stud which becomes her first jewellery. From school to college and then to office or functions, any look is not complete without a matching earring. In 2019,  the earring trends include bold, structured and geometric designs. Time-honored and cultural gold earrings are still in existence with a change in styles and designs.
The all-time favourite hoops and studs are always in the popular earring types. Other earring styles that star in the 2019 trend are chandelier earrings, threaders, and ear cuffs. Choose your style and make your presence vibrant.

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