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 "The Ultimate Crowning Glory" 

The Ultimate Crowning Glory

Trichologist Dr. Reji Nicholas MD.

Stressed about your bald scalp? Does it make rejection to your marriage proposals? Is it hesitating your self-esteem?
Trust!!! You will definitely gain your confidence back!

Visit DHI Trichologist Dr. Reji Nicholas and his panel of Doctors. They can help you in detecting hair loss problems and provide you the best treatment under the sky.

"DHI" (Direct Hair Implantation)
DHI medical group is the world's largest chain for hair restoration clinics in 36 countries. It originated in the 1970's, in Greece with FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) which was the oldest method of hair transplant. FUE (Follicular Unit Extractions) and DHI are the modified versions of hair transplant. Since 2007, DHI- the patented technology is in India & 2012 onwards this treatment is available in Cochin. DHI, Cochin have 1 more branch at Calicut, Kerala. Kerala counterpart of DHI is managed by Medisprouts.


The team DHI, diagnose the condition of scalp and hair stages of the patients and calculate the amount of hair they need to transplant. There will be a counseling session for the patients to give proper awareness about the treatment; such as the test what they need, the designing of the hair and about the process of the treatment. Once the treatment is fixed, the process will be done by the panel of dermatologists. You can assure quality rich service from the expert doctors with 100 percent satisfaction.

Requirement For the DHI Treatment: Doctors will go for a detailed study about the history of patient! Treatment will be done according to the sessions of the test. In fact, the patient should have his donor hair; amount of your donor hair is a valuable concern, there will be tests like PRP to analyse the health and condition of the root of your donor hair.

DHI Treatment Has No Side Effects!

Dr. Reji Nicholas says that, "we are taking your own hair from the donor area and plant the hair in your bald scalp. There is no scope for a side effect. Normally decease and other hormonal imbalance are the real reasons for your bald scalp.

"The hair from your donor area doesn't affect any hormonal changes and the same reason helps you to grow the hair in the planted area. Every person with a bald scalp will have his donor hair. There are certain exceptional cases, such as the patient who is suffering from Alocasia & Totalis they may not have any donor hair. In such condition we cannot opt for DHI treatment", Dr. Reji Nicholas admits.

Scared About Pain? DHI offers you the cool treatment that you may feel comfortable about its service! DHI doctors will do the consultations, counseling, explanations and suggests the perfect treatment for the patients. DHI treatment is handled by experts in dermatology. Dr. Reji Nicholas also added that, "right now I'm working in the managing division of DHI, Cochin". DHI is applicable: Eyebrows, Moustache, Eyelash, Beard DHI is special with extracting & implanting tool which protects you from scars. Time Span Of Treatment "Treatment will be done in a single stretch", Doctor says. The patient should be in a conscious state for a successful result. 1000 hair can be transplant within 3 hours, 2000 hair can be transplant within 4 to 5 hours. Thickness of the scalp is also another reason to estimate a proper time span. In total, you can gain your confidence back within 3 to 10 hours!

Cost Of DHI
The amount of hair you transplant is the highlight to calculate the cost. Assessment of hair and scalp health helps you to identify the amount of hair that needs to transplant.

Qualities Of DHI Donor hair doesn’t influence any hormonal changes, these hair will grow healthier and are guaranteed by DHI. At the same time you should maintain the rest of hair.


Virendar Sehwag, Indian Cricketer

R. Sreejesh, Indian Hockey Capt.

They are some of the real proof of quality treatment by DHI!
'Nowadays, men are inching towards baldness as early as in their 20s…'
If you are a person suffering from this bald scalp, the door of DHI is always open for you with a warm welcome!
"Gain your confidence back…" Dr. Reji Nicholas says.

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