'Beurre De Vanille'   When Art meets Passion 

“When Art meets Passion”

Feel the taste of a yummy cake bite in a cosy ambience can refresh our mind and body; it is a proven fact at 'Beurre De Vanille', the paradise of cakes lovers. Gouri, the owner cum baker is a young, talented and friendly person started this business with a crystal clear vision that is 'to paint a satisfied smile up on her customers'.

Addicted love with vanilla butter forced her to title the shop in a French style. It is the passion that drags her attention to open an official home based bakery with baking unit. IBCA in Bangalore granted her a professional certification in cake baking, that strengthen her confidence to be on track.
Challenging business of a creative single handed baker with yummy pastries make us fall in love with 'Beurre De Vanille'. Reasonable price for fresh & organic cakes valued unconditional satisfaction in the cake lovers. Brownies, cupcakes, cheese cakes, macrons, banoffee cup cakes are the most demanded ones in the shop.

There is a story behind each cake and pastry, even the lavender coffee of Beurre De Vanille can speak about the fragrance and the taste of a true love. Cinnamon rolls, red velvet brownies and pastries are the super stars in the lead attraction. A bite of macron with extraordinary crispiness can change your previous concept of macron history.

You may feel confused to take a try dessert with unlimited varieties. Gouri is conscious about her customers health, perfect sugar content touches individuals with mind blowing experience. She herself loves brownies, lava cakes & danish puff pastries deeply. 'Eclairs will be prioritize in the future market’: she predicts and the usage of premium products prioritize the standard of baking in Beurre De Vanille.

That unforgettable moment to giving an experimental bite, you may feel how easily the spongy layer gave way to teeth and gasped when your taste buds practically sunk under the flavours of 'Beurre De Vanille'.

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