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Everyone want to look best on their wedding day since all the eyes are focussing on the bride & groom. This is the day you want to look stunning with radiant skin, beautiful hair, enchanting smile, and a perfect glow.

Wedding Designer

The beauty problems may range from dull and lifeless skin, acnes, hair fall to dandruff etc. Our Beauty Doctor who is an eminent dermatologist supported by a team of qualified doctors and cosmetologists will give you tips and treatments to enhance your look.

The expert panel will assist you in a holistic way to clear your skin problems, choose the right products and right treatments while the professional beauty and make over team will enhance the skin glow, style the hair and will help you to dress up with confidence as a finesse bride.

"How to prepare your hair naturally for your Big Day!"

Your wedding date is fixed. You are done with all the invitations, shopping and taken beauty care appointments. Are you sure those chemical treatments and one-week perfect hair and skin regimens will pay you in later? If not, it is the right time to start. If you have five to six months for your wedding day, you can have the best hair without any harmful chemical interventions.

Be Prepared

Mental preparation is of utmost importance. You should understand that the natural ingredients and treatments will take a longer time to show results. You should not lose hope in between. Consistency is the key. You cannot get that result in one wash like with chemicals.

Condition without any conditions

Yes! Deep conditioning is a must to get that soft hair. But, you don't need those sulfate and paraben filled bottles to clean and condition your hair. You can use hibiscus leaf juice or green gram flour or simply baking soda and water. You can condition with yogurt and egg, twice a week.

Prevention is better than cure

Try not to have any hair concerns and if you do, start the treatments naturally. You can remove the dandruff problem with a concoction of coconut oil and lime juice. If you have a hair fall issue, use onion juice to solve it. Be sure to be regular with your remedies as they may take time to improve your hair.

Straightening/ curling is a strict NO

Especially if you are doing them for the first time, keep away from those strong chemical treatments. You can do those with home remedies with time. Those heat treatments will damage and destroy your hair from the root. Natural hair texture is what is best for you. Also remember, it is a difficult and time-consuming process to get back to your natural hair if you find them not suiting you.

Chemical Colouring is also avoidable

You should avoid those chemical colours for your wedding preparation. If you want to hide your greys, you can go for natural colouring like henna. You can apply aloe vera and castor oil to get back your natural hair colour and blacken your hair. It will take a longer duration but will have longer existence too. You should not treat the disease, but the cause.

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