Creating a new meaning to wedding photography

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Reji Bhaskar is a notable name in the field of fashion photography as well as wedding photography. There will be hardly any actor in Mollywood who his camera has not captured.


He has earlier worked as an official trainer for Cannon and has made around 13 lenses for Nikon.



He has been a witness to the transition of photography from black & white to colour and its journey from there to digital photography.


Through his talent and innovative methods, he has made a mark in the field of advertising photography. Advertising photography includes many elements such as product photography, landscape, architect, fashion and food photography.


He still cherishes his photo shoot with actor Vijay for Jos Alukkas.



He has also captured the wedding moments of actors Mamata Mohandas and Bala. He has also done wedding photography of daughter of actor Balachandra Menon, son of businessman Kochouseph Chittilappilly and much more.


Reji was successful to break free photography from its traditional mould and introduce the trend of the post-wedding photo shoot, which was a big breakthrough.



According to him, the post wedding shoot also needs a lot of planning and preparations. Unlike the older concept of shooting at any random beach or a garden, Reji, and his team would carefully pick a destination or a resort and shoot with the precise accuracy and dedication of a fashion photographer. He conceptualizes each post wedding shoot after consulting with a prominent stylist, designer, and a makeup artist and it gives his wedding photographs a professional touch.



It is a big break from the conventional mould of wedding photography.



Though candid photography is in the vogue, Reji would advise candid photography mainly to those who are not comfortable with posing for a professional photographer.


With the introduction of better and advanced equipment and technology such as live streaming, drones etc … the field of wedding photography itself has undergone drastic changes.



There is a common complaint that present day wedding photography has become very expensive. Reji contributes this factor to the introduction of costly equipment and also due to the involvement of advanced digital print albums. Wedding albums have also acquired the quality and style of a professional fashion photo shoot as a result of it.


His advice to the budding photographers is that they should develop the talent to capture the decisive moment. A good photographer should have thorough knowledge about light and shadow and how to use it to his/her advantage.




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